Technology Management

Successfully developing and deploying strategic technology plans, begins with an in-depth assessment of the industry business drivers, and the impact of technology. We have helped our clients derive measurable value from their business and technology investments in over 500 projects valued at over $2 billion dollars. The projects and programs we have been involved in have been at the intersection of manufacturing, supply chain, power engineering, telecommunications, and computing technologies including the industry leading SAP ERP, SmartGrid, and SmartConnect programs. Our team’s technical expertise and deep knowledge of multiple industries are major factors in continuously exceeding customer expectations. Feasible leverages best in class expertise in:

  • Business and technology Architecture and blueprinting
  • Cyber security, and privacy
  • Telecommunications strategies
  • Technologies supporting environmental sustainability including “Green data center, and Demand/Response programs
  • Systems Engineering
  • Systems integration
  • Data Analytics and use cases
  • ERP-enabled Business transformation
  • Project and program management
  • Mobile technologies including social networking