Integration Phases

Our system group of consultants assists clients that wish to computerize or integrate a new system with the other systems in their enterprise in two areas. In the evaluation phase of a project our consultants will review current operations and develop requirements definition in order to prepare a Request For Proposal (RFP) document. The vendors' responses to the RFP are carefully and thoroughly evaluated. We will then prepare a matrix of our evaluation criteria of the finalists and present it to the client. Our consultants will also assist the clients in the negotiation phase and recommend the selected hardware and software. Our system integration methodology is broken into seven distinct phases, which will ensure the successful implementation and completion of the project. Of course, each phase will have its own deliverables. These phases include:

* Project Planning, Assessment, And Diagnostic -

This phase includes the creation of a high level project plan which includes all aspects of project definition, implementation strategies, scope, schedule, identification of staffing requirements and affected business practices.

* Functional Analysis, And Requirements Definition -

This phase represents the process of defining the systems requirement by interviewing the end-user and the business domain experts. The requirements will be structured and tested for comprehensiveness and completeness.

* System Installation -

This phase represent the process of installing the various components of the system. If there were any requirements for Multi-System, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Networking, and/or Multi-Site connectivity integration, they would be addressed in this phase.

* Training And Education -

User training and education, material cover all information required by end users of the system to understand and effectively use the system. We believe that the education should emphasize and reinforce through understanding of business concepts and processes. Training should cover the actual usage of the system as an enabler to perform business activities.

* System Integration -

The system integration is a point in the system life cycle where all the components of the system are brought together in a controlled environment. A set of procedures with pre-calculated results are developed and executed to test all functions of the system and ensure that all the pieces are interfaced correctly.

* Systems Modification And Enhancements -

In this phase User requirements that are not covered by the software are reviewed and documented. Projects are validated, prioritized and technical specifications are developed. Once the actual programming (coding) have been completed, system test and integration are performed to demonstrate system compliance with the user acceptance criteria. The changes are also incorporated in the training material.

* Post Implementation -

The post implementation is the final phase of the information system implementation life cycle. In this phase we document the overall cost and quality of the system. The measurement criteria that were defined in the planning phase of the project are validated and assessed. Additionally new baselines for measurement of efficiency and effectiveness are established.