Logistics Management

In today's competitive business environment Logistics management has taken a very important role in almost every industry. Our practice encompasses two distinct areas. These areas include:

  • Materials Management
  • Distribution Management

We assist clients in analyzing product distribution channels and optimize the flow of goods. We recommend the best distribution methods that will reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. We have assisted clients in determining the best location for their warehouses and distribution outlets.

Our logistics studies result in significant improvements in material handling and cycle time. Our studies include:

  • Diagnostics review to analyze the overall objectives and goals of the organization
  • Economic feasibility review and financial sensitivity analysis
  • Warehouse management including Warehouse Management Systems – bar coding
  • Inventory management Facility planning Capacity requirement planning
  • Customer service level benchmarking
  • Product distribution cost analysis
  • Material flow and handling improvements
  • Transportation alternative analysis and costing
  • Performance measurement and internal control